Friday, May 01, 2015

HC Bluetooth module - quick notes

A while ago I bought a cheap Bluetooth module off ebay and for some reason, I always thought it is a HC-05 module: not only that this is what the ebay page said but also because a long time ago when I tried Amarino on my phone, it connected to the Bluetooth module and its name was HC-05. It works great with Amarino and my custom sketches but only at 9600 which seems to be the default (most people on the web say the default is a higher baud rate but I discovered this being my case by trying different settings in a test sketch) but Firmata needs 57600 (in my opinion, both BT module and Firmata sketch set at 9600 should work fine but I tried and for some reason it doesn't).

Thinking I have a HC-05 I tried to change its default speed to 57600 by following this instructables - my module didn't have a wire on the KEY pin so I soldered one. However, after all connection were done and I ran the sketch, I noticed that no commands worked with one exception "AT+NAME=MYBLUE" - it was the only command that received a response from the module, "OKsetname". To check if something changed, I paired the module with my phone and to my surprise the name was "=MYBLUE" not just MYBLUE so something was not quite right.

Digging more on the web, found another instructables. The module I have doesn't have the same markings on the back (mine says V1.04) and it has 6 pins (only 4 with a connector soldered) so it's not really the same thing, however the name AT command is "AT+NAMExxxx" which is exactly what happens in my case (where = becomes part of the name). Unfortunately, again the only command that works is ATNAME, none of the other get an answer so I am really at a loss of what to do to change the baud rate of my module.

I think for now I will leave it at 9600 - it works with Amarino and it works with my custom sketches so at least is not totally unusable. I would like to use it with Firmata so I can do some Scratch for Arduino or Snap4Arduino or Johhny-Five without having the Arduino connected to the laptop but maybe I'll just try to buy another BT module one that I may be luckier with and be able to change its speed.

[Update] I tried again: changed the StandardFirmata sketch to 9600, uploaded it to my SparkFun RedBoard (UNO compatible), installed my custom Bluetooth and RGB LED shield, and tried again Arduino Commander and this time it connected and the RGB LED works great, both as digital and analog (PWM) output! I don't know what is different than last time, I am puzzled but happy. My Windows machine was able to connect to the module, hopefully my Linux Mint box and Raspberry Pi will work as well so I can be on to the next step, probably a Johhny-Five little robot.

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