Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BAFAB week - mission complete

Actually, double mission complete because I bought books for 2 friends...

I spent the lunch today at a local bookseller's (Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore) and got a bunch of used books - 2 friends from work picked a book each so here it is my BAFAB week deed.

Monday, January 04, 2010

BAFAB week

I totally forgot about BAFAB week but luckily the counter in the sidebar reminded me about it just in time because it is this week! Need to get on with buying a friend a book...

Geocaching Statistics

Looking at a fellow geocacher's profile earlier today, I noticed he had a lot of stats posted, really cool stuff. Found out he was using CacheStats to generate them. I downloaded it and installed it and gave it a try: all I can say is *awesome*! It is free but you can donate money via PayPal if you like it. And I bet you will, it is the best geocaching stats tool I've seen.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Why did this blog change?

For a while, I tried to have separate blogs for my hobbies: books and ebooks, microcontrollers (Arduino and TI's MSP430 mostly), LEGO Mindstorms and geocaching. I keep these blogs mostly for myself, to have a place where I can come back to if I need to remember the title of a book I liked or some cool microcontroller project and LEGO robot or geocaching tool; if this info helps somebody else as well, it is just an added bonus.

Lack of time to update all these blogs and the fact that all of them boiled down to the same thing: one of my hobbies, made me decide to gather all the posts about these subjects into one blog. I hope this is OK with everybody - each post will be labeled so if you end up reading my posts, you will be able to filter through them easily.
Thanks for reading!