Sunday, December 22, 2013

My CheerLight(s) small project

Last Friday I found out about CheerLights powered by ThingSpeak and thought it would be really cool to put my Arduino + Ethernet shield to some use. Looked around for a little bit and found some code here connecting an Arduino to ThingSpeak/Cheerlights channel and driving a GE Color Effect Lights. Modified the code a little bit to drive an RGB led, decorated a tiny tree I had around and here it is my Christmas project alive.

The latest code is on codebender and below are some photos. I know the code can be much nicer but it works pretty well so I will leave it as it is. While working on it I ran into some weird behavior: a lot of failures when connecting to ThingSpeak and other strange stuff - it turns out the problem was with the response variable getting too big so I am resetting it now after getting the status (at least I think this was the reason because it works now after making the changes when reading the response).


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