Thursday, February 21, 2013

Using a Raspberry PI as a Ninja Block

I wanted so much to learn more about Ninja Blocks but not been able to get one. While I am still saving for the real deal, I found this awesome post in the Ninja Blocks blog: Using a Raspberry PI as a Ninja Block. Backed up my SD card, ran the script mentioned in the post and indeed, I got a serial number and was able to pair my new "block".

The only trouble I had was that after running the script I was unable to ssh to my RasPi using RaspberryPi.local as I always do. I thought I messed up something badly but looking again at the post, I noticed in the premade image section this paragraph: you can log in to your Pi by typing “ssh ninjablock.local”. Tried and all is well, even if RaspberryPi.local doesn't work anymore, ninjablock.local works without problems.

Unfortunately, Adafruit WebIDE stopped working after setting up the RasPi as a Ninja Block but luckily I have the SD card image so I can burn another card.

Lot of thanks to the Ninja Blocks guys for allowing people without a real block to still use the dashboard and learn this way. You guys are awesome!

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